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Please contact the webmaster on how YOU can contribute and make an impact on our research! Below are links to events and meetings, newsletters, important publications, research web sites and other recent items of interest to the Chironomid community over the last year. If you know of something that would interest the chironomid researcher, please let the webmaster know about it so that it can be included.

John Epler's well-known and used website is moving to a new domain (added November 2015)

  • Martin Spies informs us that our colleague Nikolai Shobanov, who worked for over 30 years at the Institute for the Biology of Inland Waters of the Russian Academy of Science, passed away earlier this month (added November 2015)
  • Another chironomid genome has been sequenced - Chironomus tentans - by Kutsenko et al. (2014). (added November 2014)
  • Dr. I. I. Kidnazde has been added to the gallery of outstanding chironomid workers, in honor of her influencial research in systematics and molecular biology as well as - especially early in her career - enduring difficult conditions. (added September 2014)
  • The first entire genome of a chironomid (Belgica antarctica Jacobs, 1900) has been sequenced, with results published in Kelley et al. 2014. Gene jocks delight! (added August 2014)
  • Web site changes:
      1) "im memoriam" that appeared below has been moved to a separate page accessible via the "Worker Directory"menu item
      2) "Free and Useful Documents" item has been added to the Literature section
  • John Epler has written a new guide for the larval Tanytarsini (Chironominae) of Florida, which updates portions of his 2001 manual for Southeastern (USA) Chironomidae larvae. Better yet, it's free! An alternate download site is throught the Florida DEP. (added June 2014)
  • Paddy Ashe announces that the second volumne of World Catalogue of Chironomidae has been published and is available for purchase. Details on obtaining this work is in the book section. (added November 2013)
  • Martin Spies announces that the webpages of the ZSM Diptera section have just been updated with a current list of our holdings of named species and type specimens in Chironomidae. (added September 2013)
  • It has arrived! Trond Andersen, Paddy Ashe, Pete Cranston, Torbjørn Ekrem, John Epler and the late Ole Sæther are the authors of the revised "The New Keys to the Holarctic Chironomidae Larvae." This is a completely revised guide to the identification, ecology and distribution of the larval Chironomidae of the Holarctic Region (North America and Europe through to Japan and the Far East); it replaces the classic 30 year old Holarctic Keys for midge larvae edited by T. Wiederholm. Previous diagnoses and figures for all taxa are revised and the keys are improved. Newly described and recently associated larvae in described genera are incorporated into the work. Relevant taxa and records from outside the region are also included to make the guide of wider geographic value. Price is US$ 112: send orders to SEB, P.O. Box 97, S-221 00, Lund, Sweden Swift Code: ESSESESS, Iban: SE 66 5000 0000 0567 5100 4737. Or, if you visit the Entomologica scandinavica Supplements Website, you can avoid banking charges. This will be an indespensible addition to your library that will not sit and collect dust. Errata can be followed at the Exchange Forum (above menu) (added August 2013)
  • As a reminder to the community, with regards to the above book announcement, Martin Spies and Ethan Bright created the Chironomidae Exchange Forum as a way to produce supplementary - and facilitate rapid updating - of information on widely used standard references on the Chironomidae. It's still up and running. (added August 2013)
  • Michael Bolton has recently updated the Ohio Chironomidae checklist and larval key, available at the Ohio EPA website. (added April 2013)
  • Marion Kotrba announces the 8th International Congress of Dipterology to be held in Potsdam, Germany, from 10-15 August 2014. (added April 2013)
  • Len Ferrington announces a redesign of their group's website "Chironomidae Research Group" at the University of Minnesota. (added January 2013)
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