Chironomus species PK4

(based on Kabeer Colony IN.6.1 photos from Pragya. Khanna.)

Adult, Pupa and Fourth instar larva not currently known.

Cytology: Four polytene chromosomes with the pseudothummi-cytocomplex combination BF, CD, AE, G.
Arm G with three obvious BRs, one near distal end not always developed, but no obvious nucleolus.  Nucleolus possibly on arm F, but this is not clear.  Polymorphism in arms A, and C.

Arm A1:   
Arm A2:   
Arm B1:    Puff (gp 7) slightly proximal of centre of arm with dark bands (gp 8) distal.
Arm C1:    Inverted near distal end compared to striatipennis
Arm C2:    Inversion of about distal two thirds of the arm. Arm D1:   
Arm E1:   
Arm F1:    Bands 7,8,9 near distal end; nucleolus in group 20.
Arm G1:    may be similar to C. flaviplumus B.

Found:    India - Jammu & Kashmir: Kabeer colony, Jammu.

This species is close to, and may be identical with C. flaviplumus type B.

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