C. samoensis Edwards immatures

Larva: a medium sized plumosus-type larva (length female about 12.5 - 12.7 mm.;male about 10.8 - 11.8 mm.).  Lateral tubules about 280-360 µm; ventral tubules relatively long; anterior ventral tubules (1.24 - 1.84 mm.) shorter than posterior pair (1.40 - 2.28 mm.).
Gula pale darkened on posterior half;  frontoclypeus sometimes pale, but usually with slightly darkening.  Distance between the antennal bases greater than that between the S4 setae.
Mentum (Fig. d) with rounded teeth, c2 teeth of central trifid tooth well separated from relatively tall c1 tooth (type III), 4th laterals slightly reduced (type I).
Pecten epipharyngis (Fig. a) with about 10 - 16 sharp pointed teeth.  Premandible (Fig. b) outer tooth shorter than inner tooth, which is about twice as wide as the outer.
Ventromental plates (Fig. e) separated by about 35 - 41% of mentum width, with about 32 - 35 striae, anterior margin smooth.
Antenna (Fig. c) with a moderately long basal segment, which is almost 4 times as long as wide, Ring organ between 0.4 and 0.5 up from the base of segment; AR about 2.03 - 2.30.  Antennal proportions (in µm): 110 : 24 : 6 : 11 : 7.
Mandible (Fig. f) with third inner tooth relatively pale and only partly separated (Type IIA), and with about 12 - 14 furrows at the base.

Cytology:  4 polytene chromosomes with the pseudothummi arm combination AE, BF, CD, G.Nucleolus medial in arm G;  two Balbiani rings distal to the nucleolus.
A further nucleolus at about group 20 of arm F and there is a large puff in arm C that might also be a nucleolus.   All chromosomes closely paired.  No Polymorphism in the available specimens.
samA1:    1 - 2c, 10 - 12, 3 - 2d, 9 - 4, 13 - 19                as holomelas
samB1:    Puff of group 7 near distal end of the arm with dark bands proximal to it.
samC1:    Characteristic groups 3-4 just proximal to the large puff.
groups 11-13 near centromere.
samF1:    Groups 20-23 near centromere, with nucleolus about group 20.

Pupa: (Male) Exuviae length about 6.5 - 7.0 mm.; inner margin of wing case about 1.34 mm.  Pale, with darkened caudolateral spurs.  Cephalic tubercles about 87 µm long and 66 µm wide at the base.
Segment II of abdomen with about 67 - 77 hooks, and slight development of Pedes spurii B.  Progessive development of Pedes spurii A from segments IV to VI.  Spur of segment VIII about 180 µm long, with 1 - 3 spines.  About 78 - 88 taeniae on each side of the anal lobe.

A major difference to the cytology of specimens of C. nr. samoensis of other authors is the nucleolar position in arm G, which is almost terminal in the other species.
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