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Received 14 December 2023 - Alyssa Anderson

Annual SFS meeting details can be found here: Please note that abstracts are due by February 7th, 2024. Also, note that the early registration timeframe for the meeting ends on March 15. We hope to see you there!

Session Organizers: Will Bouchard, Corrie Nyquist, Barbara Hayford, Alyssa Anderson
Session Title: Ecology and taxonomy of Chironomidae (Diptera): A memorial session to honor Leonard C. Ferrington, Jr. Session

Description: The late Leonard C. Ferrington, Jr. (1948-2021) was a dedicated and long-standing member of SFS and NABS who attended 46 consecutive meetings, hosted a meeting (1986), and served as NABS president (1989-1990). He also encouraged his students to engage in SFS/NABS, and many are still active members. Len was selected as an SFS Fellow in 2021, and he considered this to be one of his greatest honors. Len’s research encompassed many areas of freshwater biology including biological monitoring and assessment, biodiversity and biotic surveys, fish diet analyses, gut fungi/chironomid interactions, phenology and life history studies, stream ecology and aquatic resource sustainability, systematics and taxonomy, and diversity and cold hardiness of winter-emerging Chironomidae. Given the diversity of Len's interests and expertise, this session could be open to nearly any topic. However, one common thread that ran through most of his research was the fly family, Chironomidae (Diptera). This family is found in nearly every aquatic habitat and is often one of the most speciose and abundant macroinvertebrate taxa encountered in aquatic studies. As a result, Len always championed research on Chironomidae. To honor Len, this session will focus on a major area of his extensive professional career - aquatic science research focused on chironomid ecology and taxonomy and related topics. This session will serve to honor and carry on an important part of Len's legacy and further inspire current and future Chironomidae researchers.

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