Chironomus(?). blandellus Kieffer, 1906

As new name for Chironomus blandus Skuse (1888), junior homonym of C. blandus van der Wulp, 1858.

Currently a doubtful species

Freeman (1961) considered that it was a synonym of Dicrotendipes conjunctus but Epler (1988) examined a female (only extant specimen?) and concluded it was not Dicrotendipes but either Chironomus, Einfeldia or a related genus.
Cranston and Martin (1989) as Nomen dubium.
However I am including it, with the original Skuse description of the female, on the possibility that it may be Chironomus:

Skuse's description as C. blandus

Epler (1988) notes that in the specimen he examined the ventro-lateral lobe is very reduced and the apodeme lobe is well developed with numerous microtrichia.

New South Wales - Narrabeen Lagoon, nr. Manly (Type locality)

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