8. Chironomus n.sp. NZ8

Adults and Pupa not known

Larval Morphology: A bathophilus-type larva.  May be almost as large as C. zealandicus, length about 18-19 mm.  Head capsule with pale or very slightly darkened frontal apotome, some darkening in posterior region of gula.  Ventral tubules from 1-1.5 mm.  Anal tubules relatively long and rounded, about 2.5x as long as wide.
Head relatively narrow, mentum width only about half the VHL.  Mentum (Fig. c) with 4th lateral only slightly reduced (i.e. between type I and II); centre trifid tooth with a relatively broad, squared off c1 and distinct c2 teeth (i.e. type II).
Ventromentum (Fig. d) with about 43 striae on only specimen counted.  Pecten epipharyngis (Fig. a) with about 14-17 rather uneven teeth.
Basal segment of antenna (Fig. b) relatively long and narrow, about 4 times as long as wide; 4th segment relatively short, only about 20% longer than segment 3.
Mandible (Fig.e) with 3rd inner tooth darkened and almost completely separated (i.e type II, tending to type III); about 18-20 grooves on outer surface near the base.

Cytology: 3 polytene chromosomes, modified pseudothummi arm combination (BF, CD, GEA).  Arm G is attached to arm E by a loose nucleolar connection, but the reality of this connection is confirmed by the presence of only six chromosomes in mitotic metaphases.  The nucleolus in arm F is either reduced or absent.
Arm A has the sequence, derived from A4 by a simple inversion, found in C. novae-zelandiae (nzlA2).  Arm E appears identical to oppositus E1, while arm F differs from F1 of C. zealandicus by an inversion of about the region from 11-9e.
One poor specimen appears to be heterozygous in one chromosome arm, but the arm could not be identified.

Arm A1:    1a-e, 11 - 10, 2c - 1f, 3e - 2e, 7 - 4, 12a-c, 3i-f, 9 - 8, 2d, 13 - 19        ie. as A2 of novae-zelandiae
Arm B1:
Arm C1:
Arm D1:
Arm E1:    1 - 3e, 10b - 3f, 10c - 13                                                        ie. as E1 oppositus(appears no more than 1 band missing)
Arm F1:    1 - 2a, 10 - 9f, 11 - 9e, 12 - 15c, 2c - 7, 2b, 15d - 23
Arm G1:    with terminal nucleolus (attached to arm E) and a BR near distal end.

South Island:
    13 km north of Haast, Westland (NZ.49.1) (Jon Martin) 8-i-1974.

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