Benthalia species 2


This species was collected at the same time in Lake Suwa as Benthalia sp. 3.  Both species had larvae late enough in 4th instar to be able to be sexed, suggesting they breed at about the same time.  However it is not known whether they were sampled from different places in the lake, or on different substrates, potentially even from different depths.


Some details of the males can be determined from the photographs in the CDBD (Chironomid DNA Barcode Database), since those specimens are placed in the same BOLD Bin.
Color dark brownish black, legs yellowish, but darkening on tarsi; but some specimens have a yellowish base color of the thorax and more dull green on abdominal segments I-VII, but posterior end of segment VII, and segments VIII and IX almost black. Mid F/T about 1.1; Hind LR about 0.7, F/T about 0.9-0.94.

Fourth instar larva:  No details of the larva are available, as the specimen from which the DNA sequence was obtained was probably destroyed in the process.  However, in general morphology it was similar to that of species 3, i.e. one pair of ventral tubules.

Found: Japan: - Lake Suwa, Honshu: Hatozaki (35.991°N, 140.351°E), Miho-mura, Ibaraki Prefecture (CDBD); Zenbo Junior Highschool (34.884°N, 134.825°E), Kasai-shi; Heiso Reservoir (34.793°N, 134.843°E), Kakogawa-shi; Ohike Pond (Ono City Office)(34.851°N, 134.935°E), Ono-shi, all Hyogo Prefecture (CDBD); Lake Kojima (34.557°N, 133.938°E), Tamano-shi, Okayama Prefecture CDBD).

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