Chironomus bipunctus Johannsen 1932


Male hypopygium of C. bipunctus from Johannsen 1932.

Pupa:  Brownish, about 6mm long.  Cephalic tubules small, fine and pointed.
Postero-lateral spur of segment VIII with a single spine.

Fourth instar larva:  Described by Lenz (1937), as a bathophilus-type, with short tubules.  Anal setae short and not on a distinct tubercle, anal tubules also short.

Possibly at higher localities as Lenz (1937) describes larvae and adults from 1860-2090 m.

Sublette and Sublette (1973) accepted this as a distinct Chironomus species.

Found: Type locality - spring pool, Ngadsari, Java, INDONESIA; Also Tenger-Gebirge, East Java.

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