Chironomus fujitertius Sasa, 1985

Placed as synonym of C. nipponensis (misidentification) (see below).
Valid name for the "Lowland form" of C. nipponensis e.g. Hashimoto 1977, Sasa 1985, Yamamoto 1988 and 2010.
Syn: C. tsusimaabeus Sasa & Suzuki 1999: 2.


Adult: Information from Sasa 1985(b) supplemented by Sasa & Suzuki 1999.

Wing length 2.25-4.84 mm; VR abt 1-1.09; 32-40 setae in squamal fringe.
Body yellow with brown markings, scutal stripes reddish brown, scutellum yellow, postnotum brown.  Abdominal markings as in figure below.  Legs with femora largely yellow with a narrow apical dark ring, tibiae with a narrow apical and basal dark rings, tarsi 1-4 with apical dark band, Ta5 largely brown.
Head: AR 3.19-4.11; frontal tubercles abt 26 µm long and 11 µm wide.  22-56 clypeal setae.
Thoracic setae: Acrostichal 22 (12-28); Dorsolateral 25 (20-36); Pre-alar 7-8; Scutellar 30 (26-41) in double or triple rows. Legs: LRf 1.43-1.81; BR 2.6-5.4; LRm 0.58-0.62; LRh 0.70-0.80.

Ninth tergite with about 9 long central setae, not arising from defined pale areas (as in figure above); anal point with consipuously darkened ridges.  The Superior volsella resembles that of C. cingulatus, so type E(g) of Strenzke (1959); setae of Inferior volsella not shown as forked.  Gonostylus widest at about basal third, narrowing relatively sharply over posterior third.

Female: not described

Pupa, Larva and Cytology not described.

Found: Type locality - Japan: Lake Kawaguchi (35.59°N, 136.79°E) and Lake Motosu (35.77°N, 138.88°E) Yamanashi Prefecture; Kechi Dam, Tsushima Island (34.42°N, 120.33°E) Nagasaki Prefecture.

This species was incorrectly considered as a synonym of C. nipponensis, but subsequent study indicated that, as the "lowland form" of that species, it was a valid species (Yamamoto et al. pers. comm.).  There was a suggestion that this may be a synonym of C. cingulatus, however the molecular data of Kondo et al. (2016) indicates a clear interspecific difference in the BARCODE sequences of the two species.

See also C. nipponensis ("highland form")

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