Chironomus incertus Kieffer, 1924

Junior homonym of C. incertus Walker 1856.  Therefore new name required.
Placed in subgenus Camptochironomus.

Known only from the adult.


Description of Kieffer, largely from translation by Johannsen 1932.

Yellowish.  Eyes separated by their greatest width, thin part longer than wide.  Palps long, 1st segment not much longer than high, 2nd and 3rd subequal, 4th little longer than the third [current 2nd-5th segments].  Scape kidney shaped, antenna broken.
Thorax shining, three vittae on mesonotum and mesosternum tawny, metanotum black, halteres white Wing hyaline, lobed, finely stippled, the cubitus forks distad of the crossvein.
Legs bright [or pale] yellow, extremity of femur black, fore tibia black with a dark yellow preapical band, last two or three segments of the mid a hind tarsi dark, middle and hind tibiae each with two spurs, the one on the small combs as long as the one on the large combs.  Pulvilli also as long as the empodium, a little shorter than the claws, with numerous median branches.
Tergites with a large dark spot.  Hypopygium dark brown, formed as in CAMPTOCHIRONOMUS, except the ninth tergite; terminal segments curved on the outside, free to the medial side whose distal third has fine hairs; superior volsella yellowish, curved, glabrous barely exceeding the gonocoxite, most of the distal two thirds is very slender and ending in a point, proximal third more than twice as wide and bearing on medial side five long aligned bristles; inferior volsella linear, with just over half the width of the terminal segment, then reach the final third their surface pubescent, the distal half has large dorsal setae, long and curved; ninth tergite yellow, formed as in CHIRONOMUS, the point black, reflexed at tip.    L. 5 mm.

Found: Type locality - Buitenzorg, Java, INDONESIA.

Not illustrated, and does not seem to have been collected since.

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