Chironomus (Camptochironomus) mongolabeus Sasa & Suzuki 1997

The descriptions suggest there may be two species involved, 1 specimen much smaller than the 4 others.

Male: Wing length 4.58 mm.; VR 0.90-0.94. AR 3.67 (2.90-4.05).  LR 1.31-1.57; BR 1.1-5.2.
Head: Frontal tubercles prominent, almost cylindrical, abt 43 µm long x 18 µm wide; 56.4 (46-70)clypeal setae.
Thoracic setae: 16-36 Acrostichal; 24-36 Dorsolateral; 8-11 Prealar; 36-56 Scutellar.
Ground colour of scutum yellow, stripes brown, scutellum yellow, postnotum dark brown; femora & tibia entirely yellow, Ta1 & Ta2 largely yellow with apical portion brown, others brown.  Abdomen almost entirely brownish yellow, hypopygiom brown.
Tergite IX with long process flanking the anal point.

Various characters of the adult male of C. mongolabeus from Sasa and Suzuki (1997)

Female: Not described

Pupa, Larva and Cytology: Not described

Found:    Mongolia - (Type locality) Bogd.

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