Chironomus mongolefeus Sasa & Suzuki 1997

Males Wing length 3.35-3.40 mm; width 0.27-0.29 mm.  Cross vein darkly pigmented, squamal fringe 26.
Ground color of scutum yellow, vittae largely dark brown, margins black; scultellum yellow; postnotum black.  Femora largely yellow with diistal portion brown; tibiae brown over basal 1/3 anddistal portion but yellow in middle; tarsi I yellow for basal half, then brown; other tarsal segments brown.  Abdominal tergites largely brown, II-VIII with a yellow band along caudal margin.
Head: Frontal tubercles prominent (below).  AR 3.61-3.94.  Clypeal setae 20-40.
Thoracic setae: Acrostichal 14-18; Dorsolateral 22-34; Prealar 6-9; Scutellar 25-34.
LR1 1.37-1.48; LR2 0.53-0.55; LR3 0.70-0.71.  BR1 1.4-2.1; BR2 1.8-5.3; BR3 1.8-4.0.

Frontal tubercles and hypopygium of C. mongolefeus from Sasa and Suzuki (1997)

TIX shown with 8 setae.  Anal point stout; Superior volsella closest to S type(f) of Strenzke (1959); Inferior volsella, with recurved setae over distal half, reaching just to end of anal point; gonostylus moderately swollen and narrowing markedly at tip; with 7+1 setae at end.

Female: Not described

Pupa, Larva and Cytology: Not described

Found:    Mongolia - (Type locality) Karakorum.

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