Species 2y.  Einfeldia sp. 2y

Larva not a typical Chironomus type,  relatively small;  presence of ventral tubules unknown.
Mentum (Fig. c) of type I with flanged teeth;  central tooth definitely trifid (type I), c2 teeth with notches at about 45°.
Ventromentum (Fig. d) with about 30 striae.  Pecten epipharyngis (Fig. a) with about 17 irregular teeth (closest to type D).  Antenna (Fig. b) with basal segment relatively long and narrow, about 3.6 times as long as wide, AR about 1.75; A1/A2 about 3.5; A4/A3 about 1; relative lengths of segments: 100 : 27 : 11 : 11 : 6.
Mandible (Fig. e, below) with 3rd inner tooth clearly separated and darkened (type IIIC).

Mouthparts of Einfeldia species 2y

Cytology:  4 polytene chromosomes, Keyl pattern cannot be readily determined.
Arm G paired;  nucleolus subterminal.  Other chromosomes often largely unpaired (chromosomal polymorphism?)

Found: Alaska - Harding Lake.

See also E. pagana,  E. species A (Epler 2001).

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