Species 4d. C. tuberculatus Townes.

Adult only described by Townes (1945).

        Male:    Wing length 4.6 mm; fore LR 1.15; antennal ratio 6.0.
                      Frontal tubercles small, clypeus of medium size.
                      Middle portion of pronotum moderately broadened; mesoscutum with a strong central, more or less double tubercle,
                      Fore tarsus with with a long dense beard.
                      Blackish brown, legs brown.

        Female:    Described only as similar to the male except for the usual sexual differences.

Larva: not known.

Cytology: not known

Found: 'Hudson Bay Territory' - (Type locality) (Townes 1945).
          Alberta - Lesser Slave Lake (Townes 1945).

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