Species 4p. Chironomus biseta Townes, 1945

Confirmed as Chironomus by Sublette and Sublette (1965).
Known only from the adults.


Male:  Wing length 5.5 mm; fore LR 1.4; AR 4.0.
Frontal tubercles small, clypeus of moderate size.
Middle portion of pronotum moderately broadened; mesoscutum without a tubercle,
Fore tarsus without a beard.
Dark brown, legs pale brown at their bases, dark brown towards the apices;
abdomen with the apical part of each segment pruinose and slightly paler than the rest.
The genitalia is unusual in having several setae on the superior volsella.

Drawn from type (Townes 1945)

Female:  Described only as similar to the male except for the usual sexual differences.

Pupa: Not known.

Larva: Not known.

Cytology: Not known.

Found: 'Hudson Bay Territory' – (Type locality)(Townes 1945)

Townes (1945) notes that it is similar to C. atritibia in size, coloration and lack of tarsal beard, but differs in the genitalia and the smaller clypeus.

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