Species 5d C. species 5d

Adult and Pupa:  Not known.

Larva (GP8.2.1 22):  A medium sized (12.2 mm) salinarius-type larva.  Dorsal anal tubules essentially spherical in shape (400 x 380 µm), ventral pair about 2 times longer than wide.
Gula slightly dark on the posterior third, frontoclypeus slightly dark and slightly dark outside it, darker at posterior of head.
Mentum Fig. d) width about 0.7 of the VHL, with 4th laterals hardly reduced (type 1) and c2 teeth relatively well separated from c1 (Type 4 or possibly a slighly worn type 3).
Ventromental plates Fig. e) separated by about 40% of the mentum width, VMR about 0.23, and either notches or small hooks near inner margin (as in other Greenland species studied); about 45-46 striae.
Pecten epipharyngis Fig. a) with about 11 teeth of type C.  Premandible with teeth about equal in length, inner tooth about 3 times the width of the outer tooth.
Distance between the antennal bases just slightly larger than that between the S4 setae, which are separated by 78% of the FC width.
Antenna Fig. b) with A1 about 40% of VHL, 3.3 times longer than wide, RO between a third and half way up from the base; AR about 2.35; antennal proportions (micron) 152 : 32 : 10 : 15 : 8.
Mandible Fig. f) with 3rd inner tooth partially to fully separated, but only partly colored (type II-IIIB); 13 furrows on outer surface near the base; and 13 setae in the Pecten mandibularis.

This larva has a number of deformities, such as a very aberrant antenna (Fig. c), and irregular furrows on the mandible (Fig. g).

Cytology:  4 polytene chromosomes.  Cytology of only known specimen not clear - but only 1 nucleolus, essentially terminal on arm G.

Found: Greenland - Nedre Midsommer Sö, Peary Land (82.63°N, 32.50°W).

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