Species 5h C. species 5h

Adult and Pupa:  Not known.

Larva (GP8.2.1 21F):  A halophilus-type larva, very similar to those of Sp. 1TE.
Length about 10.8 mm, ventral tubules shorter than those of other available specimens: anterior 0.18 mm. posterior 0.24 mm; anal tubules much shorter 300-400 µm (ventral pair longer) and about 1.9-1.8 times longer than wide.  Head capsule generally dark, gula darkened over posterior 2/3.  Distance between the S4 setae about the same as that between the antennal bases, but the setae are closer to the margin (80% of width of FC between them).
Mentum with 4th laterals reduced to level of 5th Laterals (type II) and central tooth probably type IB.
Ventromentum and Pecten epipharyngis as in other larvae (12 teeth of type C); Premandible not clear.  Antenna also essentially as in the other larvae, but A1 is half the length of the ventral head; A5 is the same length as A3. Mandible of type IIB, and with similar number of PMan setae; with 14-15 furrows on the outer surface near the base.

Cytology:  4 polytene chromosomes with the thummi-cytocomplex arm combination AB, CD, EF, G.  Only 1 nucleolus, essentially terminal on arm G.

Found: Greenland - Nedre Midsommer Sö, Peary Land (82.63°N, 32.50°W).

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