Cytology:  Four polytene chromosomes with the pseudothummi-cytocomplex combination BF, CD, AE, G. Nucleoli in arm B and C, with a small one also present subterminal in arm G (which is not always present/active).  Arm G closely paired with generally 3 obvious BRs from near the nucleolus to the opposite end, depending upon the sequence.
Polymorphism in arms A, B, C, D and G, although Pamual et al. report pericentric inversions involving the AE and BF chromosomes.  The largest number of inversions is in arm B.
cirA1:    1 - 3, 12 - 4, 13 - 19 (widespread)                                                                                                          as pseudothummi
cirA2:    1 - 2c, 10 - 12, 3 - 2d, 9 - 4, 13 - 19                                                                                               as holomelas (widespread)
cirA3:    approx. 1 - 2d, 11 - 12, 3 - 2e, 10 - 4, 13 - 19                                                                                            (Thailand)
cirA-E(called A4):  A1-3, 12-5, E11-13, A6-4, 13-19, E 10i-c, 3f, 3a-e, 10ba-4, 2-1                                      (India & Thailand)
cirB1:    Puff near nucleolus, with dark bands on distal side (gps. 8 - 7)                                                                (widespread)
cirB2:    Puff just beyond middle of arm with dark bands proximal (gps 7 - 8):                                                     (widespread)
cirB3:    abt same size as B2, but moved a few bands proximal, ending at nucleolus                                                (India)
cirB4:    small inversion distal of the distal break of B2                                                                                             (Thailand)
cirB5:    Similar to B2, but about 2-3 bands shorter at each end                                                                                 (Thailand)
cirB6:    inversion of distal third of arm                                                                                                                       (Thailand)
cirB7:    small subterminal inversion                                                                                                                           (Thailand)
cirB8:    Small inversion of the region of the nucleolus                                                                                              (northern India)
cirB-F (called F2): involves the characteristic bands (groups 24-26) of arm B, to about F19                                     (Thailand)
cirC1:    Median nucleolus                                                                                                                                           (widespread)
cirC2:    Inversion of about a third of the arm distal to the nucleolus                                                                           (widespread)
cirD1:    differs from oppD1 by at least one inversion                                                                                                 (widespread)
cirD2:    inversion of approximately the middle third of the arm                                                                                 (widespread)
cirD3:    noted by Kumar & Gupta, but seems to be in same region as cirD2                                                                   (India)
cirE1:    1 - 2 4 - 10ab 3e-a, 3f, 10c - 13                                                                                                                   from aprilinus by Inv4-3a
cirF1:    1 - 2a, 10d - 2c, 15c - 11a, 2b, 15d - 23                                                                                                         as oppositus F3
cirG1:    Nucleolus near one end, three BRs towards the other end (most distal not always visible)                           (widespread)
cirG2:    Inversion of over two thirds of the arm, from proximal of the nucleolus to between the two larger BRs       (widespread)
cirG3:    small inversion of the region of the BRs                                                                                                              (India)

Polytene chromosome complement of C. circumdatus
BR - Balbiani ring; N - nucleolus; P - Puff.

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