Species 2t. C. calligraphus-group - sp. incert.

The identity of this species is quite uncertain.  No larva is known that fits the few criteria listed by Wülker.  It is possible that it is an early designation for the sample from Winter Haven, Florida, since the description and the few images available show a mixture of characters of C. calligraphus and C. species WOC, both of which were found together at this location (see Spies et al. (2002).

The adults of this species are in the Sublette Collection, now in the museum at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN.


Male terminalia of C. species 2t (left), and superior volsella (right).

Possibly no setae near middle of tergite IX.  Superior appendage most like Strenzke's S(f)-type.  Anal point narrow.This could be a male of C. calligraphus.

Larva:  gross morphology not known.  Mentum (below) with pointed teeth; c1 tooth relatively broad with parallel sides, c2 teeth well developed and separated (type III), as that of C. sp. WOC.
Ventromentum (below) with about 35 striae reaching about halfway to the margin.

Mentum and ventromentum of C. species 2t.

Cytology:  4 polytene chromosomes with pseudothummi arm combination AE, BF, CD, G.
Arm G (below) paired with nucleolus near one end;  two to three Balbiani rings, the positions of which vary due to inversion polymorphism.  Centromeres of long chromosomes sometimes inflated like a nucleolus.
Arm F1:    1 - 6b, 19 - 18, 11f - 14, 17 - 15, 11e - 6c, 20 - 23                i.e. as calligraphus & Sp. WOC.
Arm G1:    subterminal nucleolus, with an obvious Balbiani ring towards the other end.  Similar to that of C. calligraphus.

Distal end of arm F (above), and arm G (below) of C. species 2t.

Found: Florida – Winter Haven and Cannon Lake, Polk Co.

Wülker noted the existence of polymorphism in arm G, but did not indicate the nature or extent of this polymorphism in the Winter Haven material.  It may reflect the difference between the G of C. calligraphus and C. sp. WOC.

See also  C. sp. WOC,  C. calligraphus.

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