Species 3p C. sp. 3p.

This species is in BOLD Bin: BOLD:AAI4309

From photographs on BOLD database:
Male - relatively dark; thorax light brown, with dark vittae, scutellum and postnotum; abdomen with dark brown basal dark band, occupying about half of the segement, until about 3/4 on segments VI and VII.  Legs yellowish-brown with dark knees, becoming darker from base of Ta1 to Ta5.  Crossvein probably darkened.

Female - dark, thorax brown with vittae, scutellum and postnotum black, abdomen with basal dark brown patches extending from half of segment I to virtually all of segments VII and VIII. Femur and tibia pale, with darkened knees.  Wing length about 5 mm, anterior veins and crossvein dark.

Fourth instar larva Length about 10mm.  A thummi-type, ventral tubules relatively long.  Dark gular region (and frontoclypeus?).  No other information available.

Cytology:  4 relatively short polytene chromosomes with the thummi arm combination AB, CD, EF, G.
Arm G with large subterminal nucleolus;  nucleolus also in arm C in region 15-11; homologs often partially unpaired.
Polymorphism at least in arms B and D.

Arm A1:    1 - 2c, 10 - 12, 13 - 14e. 4a - 9 2d - 3i, 14f - 19 (unclear dividing region 14)
Arm B1:    Puff (group 7) may be about middle of the arm, just proximal to inverted region
Arm C1:    1 - 6b, 11c - 8a, 15e - 11d, 6gh, 17a - 16a, 7d-e, 6f-c, 17b - 22
Arm D1:
Arm E1:    1 - 3e, 10b - 3f, 10c - 13                                    as pluE1, halophilus, etc.
Arm F1:    1a-I, 15a - 17d, 10d - 2a, 14a - 11a, 18a - 23
Arm G1:    paired only at nucleolus.

Found: Manitoba - Churchill (58.74°N, 93.82°W)((T. Ekrem)
            Newfoundland and Labrador - Malady Head (48.649°N, 53.917°W), Terra Nova N.P.; Saglek (58.45°N, 62.8°W)
            Torngat Mountains N.P. (both BOLD)
            Northwest Territories - Nailicho (61.606°N, 125.758°W), Nahanni N.P.Reserve (BOLD)
            Yukon Territory - Lake Laberge (60.958°N, 135.184°W); Wolf Creek, Whitehorse (60.5954°N, 134.953°W) (both BOLD)
            Alaska - Potters Marsh (61.054°N, 149.792°W), Anchorage Co.

Preliminary banding patterns from Kiknadze.

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