Species 4w. Chironomus species "Florida" of Epler (2001).

Adult:  Not known

Pupa:  Not known

Larva: a plumosus or semireductus-type, posterolateral tubules long, as long as the segment width (Bolton 2012).
Mentum with simple central tooth and 14 lateral teeth, although it seems likely that this can be interpreted that the c2 teeth are relatively large and quite separate from the c1 tooth, i.e. an extreme type IV, and the first laterals are hardly higher than the other teeth.
Premandible with 4 or 5 teeth (figure shows 5).

Cytology: not known.

Inhabits burrows in Nuphar made by the aquatic moth Bellura (Pyralidae).  In NE Ohio reported from a wetland stream and a natural lake (Bolton 2012).

Found: Florida - peninsular Florida.
            Ohio - NE Ohio.

Epler notes that a species in which the larva (only known stage) has a similar premandible was described from Amazonia by Reiss (1974), however it is likely that this is C. phytophylus Correia & Trivinho (2007), which is certainly not this species, as it has a thummi-type larva and a normal central trifid tooth on the mentum.

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