Species 4y C. sp. TE11. (from BOLD database)



Some specimens in the BOLD database are almost completely dark brown-black, while others are much lighter, as indicated below.
AR about 3.5-4
Legs - LR about 1.52-1.57; femurs yellowish, knees darkened; Anterior femur and tarsal segments dark; other femurs yellowish, with darkened tarsi.

Abdominal tergites largely dark with a narrow yellowish band at posterior margin. About 6-11 setae near centre of tergite IX in 3 or 4 discrete patches.
Superior volsella closest to Strenzke's S(c), but end quite pointed with a ridge making it appear like the bill of a bird.  Styles slender, tapering over posterior third.

Pupa not known.

Larva:  A medium sized thummi-type larva, length of female about 14 mm (fem); anterior ventral tubules longer than posterior pair (len 1.24 cf. 1.18 mm).  AT relatively long (2.9-3.0 times longer than wide), with a slight constriction near the base (dors. 260 x 90 µm; vent. 240 x 80 µm).
Gula very dark on posterior 2/3, frontoclypeus pale with slight darkening outside it.

Cytology:  4 polytene chromosomes with the thummi-arm combination AB, CD, EF, G.
Arm G with a virtually terminal nucleolus and two Balbiani rings (BRs) about a quarter from the other end.  Paired only at nucleolus.  No nucleoli in the other chromosomes.  Centromeres obvious.
Arm A1:   
Arm B1:    Puff (group 7) near distal end of arm.
Arm C1:    Constriction (group 4) about one third from centromere.
Arm D1:   
Arm E1:   
Arm F1:
Arm G1:    Virtually terminal nucleolus, two BRs about a quarter from other end with only a few bands between them.

Polytene chromosomes of C. species TE11
N - nucleolus; BR - Balbiani rings

Ontario sample from shallow pool with leaves and debris

Molecular data
MtCOI: Numerous barcode sequences exist in the BOLD database in BIN BOLD:AAB4581.  Some also in GenBank, e.g. KR438689.

Found: Alberta - Banff Natl. Pk. (51.436°N, 116.188°W); Wood Bison Trail, Elkl Island Natl. Pk. (53.56°7N, 112.841°W); Jasper Natl.
            Pk. (53.1925°N, 117.954°W)(all BOLD).
            Ontario - about 4.5 km S. & W. Clarence Creek, Russell Co. (45.50°N, 75.22°W); Kawartha Lakes (44.366°N, 78.478°W)
            Manitoba - Churchill (58.772°N, 93.843°W) (Ekrem & Stur, BOLD).
            Saskatchewan - Prince Albert Natl. Pk. (53.907°N, 106.075°W)(BOLD).
            Yukon Territory - Ivvavik National Park (69.162°N, 140.155°W); Kluane Natl. Pk. & Reserve (60.748°N, 137.513°W)
            (both BOLD).
            Also NORWAY.

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