Species 4z C. sp. Obatanga.

Adult and Pupa not known.

Larva:  Single known larva is a small halophilus-type larva, length about 8.1 mm (fem).  Anal tubules relatively long (3.1 or 4.7 times longer than wide) with a constriction near the base, abt. 355 µm long but ventral pair narrower.  Gula and frontoclypeus pale.
Mentum with 4th laterals slightly reduced (type I-II), central tooth with c2 teeth well separated (much more so than apparent in fig. c, below) and about three quarters height of c1 tooth (type IV).
Ventromental plates about 170 µm long, about 3.05 times longer than deep and 1.22 times the width of the mentum; with smooth outer margin and 35-36 striae which reach about halfway to margin, VMR about 0.36; possibly separated by about 0.44 of mentum width.
Pecten epipharyngis (fig. a, below) with about 15 teeth, at least two small and fine (type D, but with sharp teeth).  Premandible (fig. a, below) with outer tooth longer, and inner tooth around 2-2.2 times wider than the outer.
Distance between antennal bases greater than that between S4 setae, which are separated by about 0.79 of the FC width. Antenna (fig. b, below) with segment 1 about 3.8 times longer than wide, RO about 30-35% up from base of segment; AR about 2.16; segment proportions (µm) 123 : 28 : 10 : 13 : 6.
Mandible (fig. d, below) with 3rd inner tooth pale and only partly separated (type IA), about 11 or 12 furrows on outer surface near base; Pecten mandibularis with about 11-12 taeniae; distance from tip of dorsal tooth to apical tooth 24 µm.

Mouthparts of C. species Obatanga.  a. Pecten epipharyngis and premandibles,
b. Antenna, c. Mentum, d. Mandible.

Cytology:  Polytene chromosomes of only larva in poor condition.  Arm G has a subterminal nucleolus.  One chromosome appears to be EF.

Small pools amongst leaves on the bottom

Found: Ontario - Obatanga Provincial Park (48.32°N, 85.09°W), Algoma Co.

It is possible that this is a species of Chaetolabis or Lobochironomus.

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