Species 5l.  Chironomus sp. julianehåb.

This species has been considered to be C. riparius in Greenland but this is not correct.

There is no equivalent BARCODE sequence in the BOLD Database or in GenBank.

Adult and Pupa:  Not known.

Fourth instar larva:  A melanotus-type, with a very small lateral tubule (60µm).  Length abt 11.7 mm, Ventral tubules about 0.72 mm, equal in length, anal tubules with dorsal pair longer (dorsal 400µm, 4x longer than wide; ventral 340µm, 2.8x longer than wide.  Gula and frontoclypeus pale.
Aperture of the epipharynx 81x23µm (l/w 3.6), shorter and wider than that of C. plumosus or C. entis.Mentum (Fig. b) width 177µm, about 0.56 of VHL; central tooth type IIA, 4th laterals reduced almost to level of 5th laterals (ty. II).  Ventromentum width 192µm, about 3.4x wider than deep; 1.09x mentum width, and separated by about 0.34 of mentum width; VMR abt 0.33-0.38; about 48 striae.
Premandible (Fig. b) with teeth about equal in length; inner tooth about 2.7x wider than outer tooth.  Pecten epipharyngis (Fig. a) with about 16 broad, somewhat irregular teeth (type C).
Distance between S4 setae less than that between antennal bases and about 0.66 of frontoclypeus width at that level.  S5 seta slightly posterior of RO.
Antenna with A1 about 3.34x longer than wide, about 0.41 of VHL; RO about 0.38-0.43 up from base; AR about 1.73, A2 about 0.29 length of A1; segment proportions (micron): 123 : 35 : 13 : 13 ; 9.
Mandible (Fig. c) with 3rd inner tooth pale and only partly separated (type IIA), about 17 furrows on outer surface near base; about 11 setae in Pecten mandibularis; MTR about 0.28.

Cytology:  Polytene chromosomes of only available specimen relatively poor, but 4 chromosomes probably with the thummi-cytocomplex arm combination, although only arms E, F, and G could be identified.  Arm G with a terminal nucleolus.

Molecular sequence:
mtCOI:  A partial BARCODE sequence has been obtained.  It will be submitted to the BOLD Database when more sequence is available.

Found: - Greenland - Julianehåb, Qaqortoq (60.72°N, 46.03°W).

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