Species 5p.

Adult:  No associated adult is known.
Claus Lindegaard (personal communication) has wondered if it could be the larva of the true C. staegeri.

Pupa: Not known.

Fourth instar larva:  A melanotus-type with a very small lateral tubule (60µm).  Length abt 11.3 mm, VHL 346µm; anterior ventral tubule shorter (0.88µm,) than posterior pair (0.92µm); no lateral projection; anal tubules with ventral pair longer (dorsal 380 µm, 3.5x longer than wide; ventral 420 µm, 3.5x longer than wide.  Gula and frontoclypeus both dark, gula color extending about half way and beyond the width of the mentum.  Aperture of epipharynx not visible.
Mentum width 233µm, about 0.6 of VHL; c1 tooth wide (type IIB), 4th laterals reduced about to level of 5th laterals (ty. II), width c1 25µm, between c2 teeth 38µm; of central trifid tooth 56µm, and between 1st laterals 81µm.  Ventromentum width same as the mentum, about 3.17X wider than deep and separated from each other by about 0.27 of mentum width; VMR abt 0.26-0.29; about 51-52 striae.
Premandible with teeth about equal in length; inner tooth about 3x wider than outer tooth.  Pecten epipharyngis with about 15 broad but very worn teeth.
Distance between S4 setae, about 74% of width of frontoclypeus, slightly larger than that between antennal bases; S5 setae about level with RO.
Antenna with A1 only about 0.37 of VHL, about 3.45x longer than wide, RO about 0.37-0.44 up from base; A2 about 0.23 length of A1; segment proportions (micron): 144 : 33 : 11 : rest missing.
Mandible with 3rd inner tooth relatively pale and at most only partly separated (type I-IIA), about 18-19 furrows on outer surface near the base; about 17 setae in Pecten mandibularis; MTR about 0.30.

Found: - Greenland - Julianhåb, Qaqortoq (60.72°N, 46.03°W).

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