Species v.

Adult and Pupa - not known, unless some adults are in the Canadian National Insect Collection.

Larva a large (abt. 13-13.5 mm)halophilus-type, although some specimens, e.g. at Isachsen, are salinarius-type.  Dark posterior half of gular region and frontoclypeus, rest of head also darker in salinarius-type larvae.  Anal tubules about 405-480 µm long and 2-2.5 times longer than wide in halophilus larvae, but slightly shorter and only 1.4-2 times longer than wide in the salinarius-type larvae.
Mentum with rounded teeth; c1 tooth with short outward sloping sides before becoming curved, c2 teeth well seperated, probably worn type III, or type IIa; fourth laterals slightly reduced (type I-II).
Ventromentum about 3.1 times longer than deep, with about 45-53 striae, VMR about 0.28-0.33.
Pecten epipharyngis with about 10-11 irregular, often broad and rounded, teeth (type D).  Premandible with outer tooth shorter (wear?) and about half the width of the inner tooth.
Antenna with relatively long basal segment (about 4.5 times longer than wide); RO about a third to almost halfway up from base of segment; AR about 2.40-2.46; segment proportions (micron) 182 : 37 : 14 : 16 : 9.
Distance between the antennal bases and that between the S4 setae about equal.
Mandible with at least 13 furrows on outer surface near base, 3rd inner tooth developed (type IIIC); about 11-15 setae in Pecten mandibularis.

Cytology  4 relatively short polytene chromosomes, probably with the pseudothummi arm combination, AE, BF, CD, G, but Keyl pattern hard to recognise.
Arm G rather indistinct, usually unpaired, with a terminal nucleolus.  Arm A sometimes unpaired.  According to Wülker (pers. comm.), arm A has the holomelas banding sequence.

Arm A:    1 - 2c, 10 - 12, 3 - 2d, 9 - 4, 13 - 19                i.e. as holomelas

FoundNunavut (formerly North West Territories) - Hazen Camp Pond, Ellesmere Island (Pond 1 of Oliver & Corbet, 1966); ¿Isachsen,
           Ellef Ringnes Island (78.8°N, 103.5°W).

Mentioned briefly by Wülker & Martin (2000).

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