Species 3g

Adult: A reared male from the same pool does not seem to be the same species.

Pupa: Not known.

Larva (based on one female larva): a small (abt 11.4 mm) plumosus-type;  posterior pair of ventral tubules slightly longer (ant. 1.01mm; post 1.13 mm).  Lateral projections about 280 µm.  Anal tubules about 336-436 µm long and about 2.35-2.39 times longer than wide; dorsal pair may be slightly longer.
Gular very slightly darkened on posterior third, and frontoclypeus pale.
Mentum of type II, with somewhat rounded teeth; c1 tooth relatively narrow with very short diverging sides, then rounded; c2 teeth moderately separated (type IIA-III).
Ventromental plates about 211 µm long and 3.7 times longer than deep; separated by about 0.22 of mentum width with about 39-40 striae, VMR 0.32-0.35.
Pecten epipharyngis with 13 short, thick teeth (type B).
Antenna with A1 3.7 times longer than wide and 0.4 of VHL; RO about 0.40-0.42 up from base; AR 1.73; A2/A1 about 0.22.  Segment lengths (µm): 121 : 36 : 11 : 15 : 8.
Distance between S4 setae just greater than distance between antennal bases, and about 0.87 of Frontoclypeus width at that point.
Mandible with short heel, length about 230 µm, 16 furrows on outer surface near the base, 3rd inner tooth partly separated and colored (type IIB), Pecten mandibularis with 13-14 taeniae, 3 spines on margin; MTR about 0.40.

Cytology:  4 pairs of relatively short chromosomes with the thummi arm combination AB, CD, EF, G.  Arm G short and usually unpaired with a subterminal nucleolus.  No nucleolus in longer chromosomes.
Arm E often unpaired.  Puff with distal dark bands just near the 4 characteristic bands of arm B.

Found: Minnesota - Eagle Creek, Eagle Bend, Todd Co. (46.13°N, 95.05°W).

The cytology suggests that this species may be related to C. atrella (species i), however there are morphological differences:  pale gula, anterior ventral tubules longer than posterior pair) and most notably in the cytology is the absence of a nucleolus in arm B.

See also  C. atrella.

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