Species sorted by the Country and State, Province or Territory in which they have been recorded

Note that this does not include many of the references in the literature where the identity of species within a cytological group is not certain.

      ¿ - record not cytologically confirmed, or cytology not known.


AlbertaC. acidophilusC. atrellaC. bifurcatusC. 'butleri'C. dilutusC. hyperboreusC. pilicornisC. plumosusC. rempeli (Type locality),  ¿C. tuberculatusC. sp. nr. tuxis (sp. 2u)¿C. utahensis¿C. vockerothi (Type locality),  C. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)C. riparius-group (sp. f)C. sp. nr. hyperboreus (sp. u)C. sp. 1TE.

British ColumbiaC. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)C. anthracinusC. athalassicus (Type locality),  C. atrella¿C. cuciniC. dilutusC. entisC. plumosus¿C. staegeriC. trabicolaC. vancouveriC. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)C. riparius-group (sp. f)C. sp. NAI¿C (Chaet.) atroviridisE. pagana.

"Hudson Bay Territory" (From the 17th to the 18th century, this territory, also known as Prince Rupert's Land comprised the northern parts of Quebec and Ontario; all of Manitoba; and part of Saskatchewan, Nunavut Territory, North Dakota and Minnesota):  ¿C. biseta (Type locality),  C. tuberculatus (Type locality).

LabradorC. longistylus¿C. staegeriC. riparius-group (sp. f)C. sp. 3p,

Manitoba¿C. anthracinusC. atrella¿C. atritibia¿C. bifurcatusC. crassicaudatusC. dilutusC. entisC. hyperboreus¿C. maturusC. pallidivittatusC. pilicornis¿C. plumosusC. rempelii¿C. riparius¿C. staegeri¿C. tuxis  ¿C (Chaet.) atroviridisC. sp. nr. hyperboreus (sp. u)C. sp. nr. tuxis (sp. 2u)C. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)C. sp. 3pC. sp. TE11C. sp. 8TEB. brunneipennisE. pagana.

NewfoundlandC. longistylusC. riparius-group (sp. f)C. sp. 3p,

New BrunswickC. bifurcatusC. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)C. riparius-group (sp. f)C. sp. jC 'proulxi' (sp. 2b)C. sp. 3h.

North West TerritoriesC. jonmartiniC. longistylus, ¿C. pilicornis  ¿C. riparius¿C. staegeriC. sp. 3pC. sp. TE11C. sp. 1TE.

Nova Scotia¿C. bifurcatusC. riparius-group (sp. f).

Nunavut¿C. atritibia (Type locality),  C. decumbens (Type locality),  C. hyperboreusC. trabicolaC. sp. vsp. Le1C. sp. TE11C. sp. 1TEC. sp. Greiner Lake.

OntarioC. anthracinusC. atrellaC. bifurcatus (Type locality),  C. 'butleri'¿C. crassicaudatusC. cuciniC. decorusC. dilutusC. nr. decumbens¿C. (Lobochironomus) dorsalisC. (Lobo) ?nr. austiniC. entisC. maturusC. melanescens¿C. pallidivittatusC. plumosusC. ripariusC. staegeriC. 'tigris'¿C. tuxisC. (Chaet.) bitumineusC (Chaet.) atroviridisBenthalia brunneipennisEinfeldia paganaC. sp. algonquianC. sp. obatangaC. sp. pararipariussp. bsp. cC. riparius-group (sp. f)sp. jsp. kC. sp. nr. hyperboreus (sp. u)sp. zsp. 2asp. 2bC. sp. nr. tuxis (sp. 2u)C. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)sp. 3hsp. 3iC. sp. NAIC. sp. NAIIC. sp. NAIIIC. sp. TE11C. species WOC.

Prince Edward IslandC. atrella,
  C. melanescensC sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)C. riparius-group (sp. f).

QuebecC. anthracinusC. bifurcatusC. 'butleri'C. cuciniC. entis,C. frommeriC. harpiC. hyperboreusC. maturusC. plumosusC. staegeriC. 'tigris'C (Chaet.) atroviridisC. (Chaet.) ochreatusC. riparius-group (sp. f) sp. jC. sp. NAIII.

SaskatchewanC. acidophilusC. 'butleri'C. dilutusC. entis,C. hyperboreusC. pallidivittatus¿C. pilicornisC. plumosusC. rempeliC. staegeri¿C. vockerothi¿C. (Chaet.) atroviridisC. sp. nr. hyperboreus (sp. u)C. riparius-group (sp. f)C. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)C. sp. 3j.

Yukon TerritoryC. maturusC. hyperboreusC. sp. nr. hyperboreus (sp. u)C. longistylusC sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)C. sp. 3pC. sp. TE11C. sp. 1TEC. sp. 5j.


AlabamaC. magnus (Type locality),  C. plumosusC. staegeri

AlaskaC. acidophilusC. decumbens(?)C. longistylusC. maturusC. prior (Type locality),  C. sanctipauli (Type locality),  C. tardus (Type locality),  C. tentansC. trabicolaC. sp. Le1C. sp. 3pC. sp. 4mEinfeldia sp. 2y.

ArizonaC. bifurcatusC. stigmaterusC. utahensis.

Arkansas¿C. calligraphus¿C. crassicaudatus¿C. decorusC. harpi (Type locality),  C (Chaet.) atroviridis¿C. (Chaet.) ochreatus¿C. (Lobo.) dorsalisC. species WOC¿B. brunneipennisEinfeldia cheloniaC. sp. 4l.

CaliforniaC. acerbiphilusC. anonymusC. anthracinusC. atrellaC. bifurcatusC. 'butleri'C. calligraphusC. cuciniC. frommeriC. 'grodhausi'C. hawaiiensis   C. maturusC. plumosusC. staegeriC. stigmaterusC. striatipennisC. utahensisC. whitseli (Type locality),  ¿C. (Lobo.) pseudomendaxC. (Lobo.) storaisp. 3bsp. 4y.

ColoradoC. atrellaC. entisC. plumosus¿C. utahensis.

ConnecticutC. quinnitukqut (Type locality),  ¿C (Chaet.) atroviridis.

District of Columbia¿C. staegeri¿C. (Chaet.) atroviridisEinfeldia cheloniaKiefferulus pungens.

FloridaC. austini (Type locality),  C. calligraphusC. columbiensisC. crassicaudatus¿C. magnusC. stigmaterus¿C. tuxissp. 2tC. species WOCC. species Florida¿Benthalia brunneipennis¿C. (Lobo.) dorsalisEinfeldia. species AGoeldichironomus carusGoeldichironomus holoprasinusKiefferulus pungens.

GeorgiaC. calligraphusC. crassicaudatusC. magnusC. plumosus¿C. tuxisC. species WOC¿C. (Chaet.) ochreatus¿C. (Lobo.) dorsalisEinfeldia. species Asp. 2tC. species WOC¿C. (Lobo.) dorsalisEinfeldia. species AGoeldichironomus carusKiefferulus pungens.

HawaiiC. hawaiiensis (Type locality),  Goeldichironomus holoprasinus.

Idaho:   ¿C. staegeri¿C (Chaet.) atroviridis¿C. (Lobo.) dorsalis¿E. pagana,

IllinoisC. crassicaudatus (Type locality),  C. harpi¿C. staegeri¿C. stigmaterus,   ¿C (Chaet.) atroviridis.

IndianaC. anthracinusC. atrella¿C. 'butleri'C. crassicaudatusC. cuciniC. entisC. maturusC. plumosus¿C. staegerisp. 3d.

Iowa¿C. crassicaudatusC. dilutus¿C. staegeriC. sp. nr. tuxis (sp. 2u)C. sp. 8TE¿C (Chaet.) atroviridis¿C. (Lobo.) dorsalis¿B. brunneipennis

KansasC. bifurcatusC. 'butleri'C. calligraphusC. crassicaudatusC. riparius¿C. staegeriC. sp. 3lC. sp. 4l.

KentuckyC. magnusC. plumosus.

Louisiana¿C. crassicaudatusC. maturusC. staegeri¿C. stigmaterus,   C. species WOCC. sp. 4l,
  B. natchitocheae.

Maine¿C. tuxis¿Chaet. ochreatus.

Maryland¿C. crassicaudatusC. ripariusGoeldichironomus holoprasinus.

Massachusetts:   C. atrellaC. bifurcatusC. 'butleri'C. 'butleri'C. dilutus¿C. (Lobo.) dorsalisC. plumosusC. quinnitukqutC. staegeriC. sp. 'Cape Cod'¿C (Chaet.) atroviridis¿Chaet. ochreatus¿B. brunneipennis.

MichiganC. bifurcatusC. 'butleri'¿C. crassicaudatusC. decorusC. entis,C. mozleyiC. plumosus¿C. staegeri¿C. tuxisC. winnelli¿C (Chaet.) atroviridis  ¿Chaet. ochreatus¿ C. (Lobo.) montuosus¿B. brunneipennis¿Einfeldia species A.

MinnesotaC. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)  C. atrellaC. bifurcatusC. 'butleri'¿C. crassicaudatusC. cuciniC. dilutusC. entisC. plumosusC. staegeriC. 'tigris'¿C. tuxis¿C. utahensisC. species 3gC. species Anchorage¿C (Chaet.) atroviridis¿Benthalia brunneipennis.

MississippiC. anonymus¿  C. 'butleri'.

MissouriC. riparius¿C. staegeri¿C. (Lobo.) dorsalis.

MontanaC. utahensis.

Nebraska¿C. crassicaudatus¿C. stigmaterus.

NevadaC. atrella (Type locality),  ¿C. utahensis.

New HampshireC. anthracinus¿C. staegeriC. species k.

New Jersey¿C. crassicaudatus¿C. staegeri¿C. stigmaterus¿C. tuxisC. (Lobochironomus) dorsalis¿Chaet. ochreatus (Type locality),  Einfeldia chelonia¿B. brunneipennis.

New MexicoC. atrellaC. 'butleri'C. decorusC. dilutusC. maturusC. plumosusC. staegeriC. stigmaterusC. utahensis.

New York¿C. cuciniC. dilutusC. harpi¿C. maturusC. ripariusC. staegeri¿C. stigmaterusC. tuxis (Type locality),  C (Chaet.) atroviridis (Type locality),  ¿C. (Chaet.) ochreatusC. (Lobochironomus) dorsalis¿Benthalia brunneipennisEinfeldia chelonia (Type locality),  ¿Einfeldia pagana.

North Carolina¿C. austini¿C. crassicaudatus¿C. dorsalisC. riparius¿C. staegeri¿C. stigmaterus¿B. brunneipennisEinfeldia species AGoeldichironomus carus.

North DakotaC. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)  C. athalassicusC. atrellaC. bifurcatusC. 'butleri'C. dilutusC. entisC. pallidivittatusC. plumosusC. staegeriC. utahensis.

Ohio¿C. (Lobochironomus) dorsalis¿C. magnus¿C. plumosusC. staegeri¿C. stigmaterusC. species Florida¿C (Chaet.) atroviridisEinfeldia. species A.

OklahomaC. crassicaudatusC. entisC. magnusC. plumosusC. stigmaterus.

OregonC. bifurcatus  C. frommeriC. utahensis

Pennsylvania¿C. crassicaudatusC. dilutus¿C. staegeri¿C. stigmaterusspecies uspecies 3i.

Rhode Island¿C. (Lobo) dorsalis¿C. (Chaet.) ochreatus.

South Carolina¿C. austini¿C. crassicaudatus¿C. dorsalisC. riparius¿C. staegeri¿Chaet. ochreatusB. natchitocheae.

South DakotaC. atrellaC. crassicaudatusC. dilutusC. entisC. harpiC. maturusC. pallidivittatus¿C. pilicornisC. plumosusC. ripariusC. staegeriC. stigmaterus¿C. tuberculatus  C. utahensis¿Benthalia brunneipennis¿Einfeldia paganaC. decorus.

TennesseeC. blaylocki (Type locality),  ¿C. crassicaudatus,   ¿C. (Lobo.) dorsalisC. magnusC. ripariusC. staegeriC. species WOC.

TexasC. anonymusC. 'butleri'¿C. crassicaudatusC. stigmaterus¿Goeldichironomus carusGoeldichironomus holoprasinus.

UtahC. dilutusC. utahensis (Type locality).

VermontC. 'butleri'C. decorus-gp species c.

Virginia¿C (Chaet.) atroviridis¿C. (Chaet.) ochreatus.

Virgin Islands (U.S.)C. columbiensis

Washington¿C. staegeri.

WisconsinC. sp. nr. annularius (sp. 3d)  C. atrellaC. anthracinusC. nr. anthracinusC. bifurcatusC. 'butleri'C. crassicaudatusC. decorusC. dilutusC. dorsalisC. entisC. maturusC. melanescensC. plumosus¿ C. rempeliC. ripariusC. staegeriC. tenuistylusC. nr. tenuistylusC. 'tigris'C. utahensisC. (Chaet.) ochreatusspecies bspecies 3cC. (Lobo.) species 4v.

WyomingC. acerbiphilusC. dilutusC. riparius.

  C. hyperboreus (Type locality),  ¿C. riparius (see C. sp. 1TE),  C. staegeri (Type locality),  C. sp. 1TEC. sp. 5dC. sp. 5hC. sp. 8TEC. sp. TEIIC. sp. Julianehåb.

Other Countries:

  Einfeldia pagana (Type locality).

  C. anonymusC. 'butleri'C. calligraphus (Type locality) Types 1 and 2,  C. striatipennis.

  C. columbiensis (Type locality).

  C. (Lobo.) dorsalis (Type locality of C. (Loboch.) longipes).

  C. pilicornisC. (Chaet.) bitumineus (Type locality),  C. (Lobo) storai (Type locality).

French Polynesia:
  C. calligraphus Type 2.

  C. acerbiphilusC. melanescens (Type locality),  C. ripariusC. pilicornis (Type locality).

  C. columbiensis.

  C. acerbiphilus (Type locality).

  ¿C. stigmaterus.

  C. (Chaet.) bitumineus.

  C. sp. 5j

  C. calligraphus.

  C. calligraphus.

  C. trabicolaspecies Le1.

  C. (Chaet.) bitumineus,
  C. (Lobo.) storai.

  C. (Lobo.) montuosusC. (Lobo.) pseudomendax.

West Indies:
  C. anonymus.

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